A quick and simple tip to make your readers want to keep reading
The 7 essentials you need for a perfect—yes, perfect—daily writing routine
First, welcome to the new subscribers who may have seen my tweet calling out Tiago Forte: Please read the full thread before you think I’m a jerk. Then…
A subtle change can provide big benefits

January 2023

As writers, we all wrestle with doubt. So what can we do with it?
Every book you write can be a page-turner. These 10 tips should help.
Plus: A quick writing tip, how to read faster and better, and the best passage I read this week
Plus: The Nonfiction Book Party Online Bookclub, Diaries of Note, Notable Nonfiction, and what I'm currently reading

December 2022

For 2023, I’m resolving to lose weight for the first two weeks of the year. I’m only half joking. If history is prophecy, my best intentions for losing…
My senior-class high school English teacher would be proud of this sentence: I need to read Cicero. I’m not sure I ever have. Maybe a speech here or…
Years ago, I worked for a small company to churn out dozens of similar articles per day to increase their Google rankings across all of the sites they…
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